Best Phones For PUBG Mobile in 2020

PUBG Mobile is an intensive game that demands a powerful phone. If you want the best graphics and Chicken Dinners. You have to pick the best gaming phone in the list below.Here is the list of Best Phones for PUBG Mobile in 2020.

As we know Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle game. Developed and published by PUBG Corporation. And it needs a best processor and best resolution mobile for playing PUBG Mobile.

Here is the list of best phones for PUBG Mobile:

1.One Plus 8 Pro

The Best One Plus Yet

One Plus 8 Pro


Resolution: 3168 x 1440 Screen size: 6.78-inch OS: Android 10

RAM: 8/12GB Storage: 128/256GB Battery: 4,510mAh

Rear camera: 48MP+48MP+5MP+8MP Front camera: 16MP Price: $899

A phone that has both all the power you need for games. And a screen that helps them look their best.

The One Plus 8 Pro is with 8GB of RAM and a good processor. Delivering enough memory and processing power. For great gaming performance. It’s the best gaming phone and best for pubg mobile.

PUBG Mobile has developed to run pretty well on old and new phone alike. But you need a phone with the good graphics. You play PUBG Mobile with ultra hd graphic settings. The best low budget phone for PUBG Mobile.

It delivers a speedy software experience. That allows for customization in the gaming mode. And ranks in top best gaming phones for PUBG Mobile.

5G is also supported, So you can play online without lag wherever you are. And with its big 4,510mAh battery you’ll be able to game for a long time between charges.

You also get a smooth 120Hz AMOLED panel. Making it a delight to play games on the phone. That means everything will look smooth to your eye. Whether you’re blasting your way to glory in PUBG Mobile.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Top Samsung Phone Ever

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


Resolution: 1440 x 3200 Screen size: 6.2-inch/6.7-inch  OS: Android 10

RAM: 8GB/12GB Storage: 128GB (S20) or 128GB/256GB/512GB (S20 Plus) Rear camera: 12MP+64MP+12MP

Front camera: 10MP  Battery: 4,000mAh/4500mAh Price: $1146

There’s a lot of things that make the Galaxy S20+ an easy recommendation for gamers. But we’re going to focus on the display. Samsung continues to lead the pack with a beautiful 6.7-inch display that offers the best brightness and color. The best gaming phone ever and best phone for PUBG Mobile.

It gives you quick access to screen recording  while you’re playing PUBG Mobile. And the best budget phone for playing PUBG. It’s the best phone for PUBG Mobile in 2020.

All that paired with a 4,500mAh battery and Samsung’s Game Booster software. Means you’re going to get great performance while gaming on this phone.

This phone is great for games. Thanks in no small part to the top-end computing power at their heart. You also get 8GB of RAM, so not much should slow these phones down.

3. Huawei P30 Pro

The Best Gaming Phone For International Gamer

Huawei P30 Pro


Display: 6.47 Storage: 256 GB Camera: 40MP+20MP+8MP

Battery: 4200 mAh Ram: 8GB Price: $980

Huawei released the P30 Pro early into 2019. It still remains in the conversation as one of the best phones of the year.

 Not only is this phone stunning from front to back, but it also delivers serious specs for gamers. And the best gaming phone in the world.

it’s still plenty powerful for gaming with 8GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly. It’s also got one of the most impressive camera set ups of the year. Which is great for those times when you’re not playing PUBG Mobile.

For international gamers looking for an impressive phone when playing PUBG Mobile. It’s a great choice.while its the best gaming phone and best phone for PUBG Mobile.

4.Apple 11 Max Pro

Best for PUBG Mobile

Apple 11 Pro Max


Weight: 226 g / 188 g  OS: iOS 13 Screen size: 6.5-inch

RAM: 4GB Storage: 64/256/512GB Battery: 3,969mAh

Rear camera: 12MP+12MP+12MP Front camera: 12MP Price: $1758

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the bigger and better smartphone in a few key ways. But if you’re picking either model for gaming, you might as well go with the best.

The 6.5-inch screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a bigger and larger battery. To stay working longer for playing PUBG mobile. It’s the best gaming phone with the best ram and screen resolution.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max stands out as the best gaming iPhone. Because it delivers all-day battery life. And has a huge 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR display.

Even though it only has 4GB of RAM. PUBG Mobile and any other app should run nice and smooth. That’s why it’s the top best gaming phone in the world.

One tip we can give to iOS gamers is to avoid downloading the latest iOS betas. Since those can cause issues with games like PUBG Mobile.

5. Nubia Red Magic 5G

Best Phone For Gaming With Low Price

Nubia Red Magic 5G


Resolution: 1080 x 2340 Screen size: 6.65-inch OS: Android 10

RAM: 8/12GB Storage: 128/256GB Battery: 4,500mAh

Rear camera: 64MP + 8MP + 2MP Front camera: 8MP Price: $580

Nubia isn’t a name you would’ve come across a lot. But the Red Magic 5G is one of the best gaming phones, You can get for under $600.

There’s a dedicated gaming mode that ensures your games aren’t throttled. And you get 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on the base model.

The Red Magic 5G is a fantastic choice for gamers. With amazing battery life. To play PUBG Mobile. The phone also has an aggressive design. That’s aimed at gamers, To play games like PUBG Mobile. 

It also supports 5G, And has plenty of power. It’s only let down by a 1080 x 2340 screen. With this resolution it’s the best gaming phone ever.

There isn’t anything missing here on the hardware front. And its best offer in $600.

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